Endless Love

My Mom met my Dad on a dinner in an election campaign on May 1992 where my Mom was a singer and my Dad was a supporter. After the election, my Dad started courting my mother. At that time, my mother started learning to love my father but then she refused to answer him yes. This is because she heard from her friends and trustworthy people that my father loved to play with girls when he was on his university days. But worse, she knew that may father had loved and had two daughters with a woman before he met her. My mother avoided him but my father never quit.

Finally, after years of hope and understanding and because they really loved each other, they had their wedding on August 26, 1995. They had been loving for almost four years when I arrived and a year after, my brother was born. But 11 months after my brother was born, my father died.

It is very hard for my mother to cope with this tragedy. But because she loves us, she knew she had to continue working and living for us. I have loved my mother since I began thinking. It’s hard to cope with it and she always cry. She is still loving my father until now. If only my father is alive, they will have been loving each other so dearly.

I have been loving their story for a lifetime. If I will be loving somebody in the future, I will assure that our love will be as dear as my mom and dad’s love for each other. Because if I will have loved somebody with a love comparable with that of my parents, I am sure that that somebody will love me with the love that I need… Just like that of my parents’… Endless love.