Random Things About Plagiarism

With easier and more expedient technology today and because activities that require the expression of ideas are countless, plagiarism is apparent in today’s society. According to Oxford Dictionaries, the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own is called plagiarism.

In social networking sites, plagiarism is apparent. Sharing of pictures in Facebook, retweeting tweets in Twitter, reposting blogs in Tumblr are just few of the simple circumstances in which we actually plagiarize. According to the U.S. Law, “the expression of original ideas is considered intellectual property, and is protected by copyright laws, just like original inventions.” Therefore, plagiarism is clearly an act against the law so it must be avoided. Citing your sources, properly paraphrasing others’ works, and using quotation marks are simple ways of steering clear of the possibility of plagiarism.


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In a world where there’s no gravity, the people have mechanical wings, and there lives an evil genius, airwormellas exist. Once the evil genius there named Dr. Coke attempted to make a creature that will barge in to the lives of every person there. He planned that he will create snakes that will spend the rest of their lives coiling at a personalized stick of their own. The sticks, which should be bouncy, will serve as their means of travelling. When Dr. Coke finally made his creature, he accidentally used a worm’s DNA instead of a snake’s. Unknowingly, he still resumed and at the next step, instead of using a bouncy stick, he used an umbrella stick. Instead of creating evil creatures, he made good-minded creatures that will serve as companion for every person in that world.

Airwormellas are worms that spend most of their time floating on air with their umbrellas. Airwormellas are counterparts of the people there. An airwormella is born everytime a human baby is born. If a baby is fat, then his airwormella is also fat. If person A marries person B, airwormella A also marries airwormella B. The same goes with everything. A person’s persona is exactly the same as his airwormella’s. Airwormellas live in Ormella- their land. It is located just above where the humans with mechanical wings live. Airwormellas can just also peek in under to see if their partners are safe. They are buddies and they are always together especially when going out.

An airwormella’s length at birth is half the length of his person partner at birth. An airwormella’s length is forever half the height of his partner. Airwormellas look like a typical worm- soft and segmented- only that they are bigger and their color is sky blue. They will get their umbrellas as soon as they are old enough to take care of themselves. Their partners are the designers of their umbrellas. An airwormella’s umbrella is the source of one’s life. If it is vigorously damaged, they will die. Likewise, if their partners die, they will also die.

Airwormellas possess powers. It is because they have to take care of their umbrellas and their partners. Airwormellas can be invisible only when they are near trees – a nature’s disguise. When in menace, airwormellas use their umbrellas as chakrams. Their umbrellas extend and they spin it as blades come out of the umbrella’s side and then they have their areas of effect at which their chakrams will hit. But then, airwormellas are still creatures of good. That’s why every good deed accounts for a diamond. The number of diamonds of an airwormella determines superiority among the airwormellas.

Food Fantasy


I woke up on my bed. The light outside is faint which suggests that it’s already nighttime. When I looked around my room and saw piles of books and papers spread around me, I realized that I fell asleep while studying. A sweet and irresistible smell of food awakened me, as if it was calling my name!

I have no doubt that it was my favorite food – fresh from the stove fried pig knuckle drizzled with tomato sauce with chunks of pineapple, mushrooms, and dried banana meat -Patatim! Damn! I’m so hungry that I’m like a horse rushing to the dining area.

When I took my first bite, I was so amazed with the taste that it was like my mind was at tabula rasa because it seems blank and clear. The first taste was so good that it’s like there’s a spell on it that my taste buds are finding for the rich – sweet and lingering – taste which makes me get more and more of it irresistibly. Furthermore, the meat, because it’s soft and smooth and juicy up to the deepest parts pleased me so much! It was really good that I almost ate everything on the serving plate, if not for the bone and knife though.

Because it’s really one of my favorite dishes, my mom served me again some and I smelled the just served food with my eyes closed, fantasizing again and craving still! As I open my eyes, the light outside is faint which suggests that it’s already nighttime. When I looked around my room and saw piles of books and papers spread around me, I realized that I fell asleep while studying. I realized that I’m just in the flight of imagination because maybe I’m really craving for some and of my mother’s company. It was just a dream!