Foot wears are essential, especially to women. Ladies have many of them because each shoes has its own use or suitability. I only have five kinds: slippers, ballerina flats, sandals, rubber shoes, and pumps. When buying, I consider the shoes’ price, durability, the frequency of usage, and its level of comfort which I prioritize the most. Among my foot wears, my slippers are the cheapest but I use my ballerina flats more often than I use it. My ballerina flats are convenient and it’s more comfortable than my sandals because my sandals are the least comfortable of them all. Just one step higher to my sandals in the ladder of comfort are my pumps. My pair of pumps is an investment because I rarely use it and it’s quite expensive. However, my rubber shoes are still more expensive than my pumps because they are the most expensive among them! As expected, they are the most durable as well. Moreover, they’re the most comfortable for me and I use them very often.


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