Love Quarrel

She found an empty spot

to wash the immediate blot

Dying waves touched her toes

Numb hands freed her raging bows

Turbulent the night’s swash and back swash!

She turned, and walked on the trail of ash…



There’s a fire inside me that makes me wanna go to the #MillionPeopleMarch, but I just can’t.

If I’ll go to the #MillionPeopleMarch, I won’t be able to work in our shoot for our Geol project today. If that will happen, surely my groupmates will grade me very low, and my grades will be lower than what will it be when I go to our shoot. But I know that my Geol 11 grade is less less significant than that march. It’s history.

If I’ll go to the #MillionPeopleMarch, everyone in the family will be against me going there. I know that they’re so afraid of what can happen to me. They realize, a bit, of the value of this march. They just complain and complain. They react, but they don’t act. But what can they do if I’m already there? 

It is clear that I can go there, that I SHOULD and I MUST. I feel the raging desire of a Filipino to go there. But here I am again, going only up to the verge of doing things. I’m also afraid of what will happen to me. I don’t react, and I also don’t act. Am I a true Filipina? a true Iska? Look, I even use English in writing this. I don’t feel like an Iska. I don’t really feel UP. I can’t find myself.