There’s a fire inside me that makes me wanna go to the #MillionPeopleMarch, but I just can’t.

If I’ll go to the #MillionPeopleMarch, I won’t be able to work in our shoot for our Geol project today. If that will happen, surely my groupmates will grade me very low, and my grades will be lower than what will it be when I go to our shoot. But I know that my Geol 11 grade is less less significant than that march. It’s history.

If I’ll go to the #MillionPeopleMarch, everyone in the family will be against me going there. I know that they’re so afraid of what can happen to me. They realize, a bit, of the value of this march. They just complain and complain. They react, but they don’t act. But what can they do if I’m already there? 

It is clear that I can go there, that I SHOULD and I MUST. I feel the raging desire of a Filipino to go there. But here I am again, going only up to the verge of doing things. I’m also afraid of what will happen to me. I don’t react, and I also don’t act. Am I a true Filipina? a true Iska? Look, I even use English in writing this. I don’t feel like an Iska. I don’t really feel UP. I can’t find myself.


Food Fantasy


I woke up on my bed. The light outside is faint which suggests that it’s already nighttime. When I looked around my room and saw piles of books and papers spread around me, I realized that I fell asleep while studying. A sweet and irresistible smell of food awakened me, as if it was calling my name!

I have no doubt that it was my favorite food – fresh from the stove fried pig knuckle drizzled with tomato sauce with chunks of pineapple, mushrooms, and dried banana meat -Patatim! Damn! I’m so hungry that I’m like a horse rushing to the dining area.

When I took my first bite, I was so amazed with the taste that it was like my mind was at tabula rasa because it seems blank and clear. The first taste was so good that it’s like there’s a spell on it that my taste buds are finding for the rich – sweet and lingering – taste which makes me get more and more of it irresistibly. Furthermore, the meat, because it’s soft and smooth and juicy up to the deepest parts pleased me so much! It was really good that I almost ate everything on the serving plate, if not for the bone and knife though.

Because it’s really one of my favorite dishes, my mom served me again some and I smelled the just served food with my eyes closed, fantasizing again and craving still! As I open my eyes, the light outside is faint which suggests that it’s already nighttime. When I looked around my room and saw piles of books and papers spread around me, I realized that I fell asleep while studying. I realized that I’m just in the flight of imagination because maybe I’m really craving for some and of my mother’s company. It was just a dream!



Made by Norberto Carating in 1999, Paradiso is a piece which depicts harmony and variation, and at the same time, eccentricity and simplicity.

Paradiso depicts variation because it seems to be divided in parts and it is made with a combination of colors. There are parts in which the designs are explicit, many different lines are intricately designed with strokes of brush, and neon colors of pink, green, yellow, and blue. But even though it is made of different designs, colors, and forms, it seems that it has harmony because all in all, it has balance.

Eccentricity, which means how unusual a thing is, is also seen in this painting because its different parts have different forms. There are parts which are abstract, made of the different lines and colors mentioned above, simple with plain colors only, and then combined with a part in which the design is a visible presentation of overlapping long leaves but still the outline of the structure of the leaves are seen at it.

Even though Paradiso is unusual in its designs because it is varied in its lines, forms, and colors, when you look all over it, it is still simple maybe because of the consistency of the colors used, and the designs, which are very complex themselves, look very simple and calm when combined.